Its all about the base
I  know we have all had bad foundation days, where you look in the mirror and do a double take and wish you had left the house wearing  nothing on your face!  After reading this article those days will be a thing of the past!
We all use Foundation for various reasons, some use it to cover high colouring, blemishes,  even out skin tone, brown spots, scars and even fine lines. Whatever reason we choose to wear foundation it must always  look Natural and Flawless. You need to buy a Foundation which suits your skin type be it dry or normal, to avoid it irritating your skin. Avoid any foundation which leaves your skin looking  dull, gray or ashy, or feels heavy on the skin.
 Foundations usually come recommended in three undertones Cool, Warm or Neutral. Knowing your natural undertone is key when choosing a foundation shade, you need to know if you are a warm or a cool. If you are not sure I recommend you do this test using  natural light.
Look at the inside of your wrist , what colour do your veins appear:
• If  the veins in your wrist are blue or purple, have a pink hue to the skin you have a Cool undertone so go for a           shade that is more Pink toned.
• If  the veins in your wrist are slightly green or olive ,  your skin appears yellow in the sun, you have a Warm                 undertone so go for a shade that is Yellow  or Golden.
• If the veins in your wrist are blue – green, and your skin does not contain any pink or yellow undertones, you have  a Neutral undertone.
If you use  MAC products you have noticed their foundations contain numbers and letters at the bottom of the bottles. The higher the number the darker the shade. The letters stand for:
C         COOL best for yellow, golden , olive skin.
NC      NEUTRAL COOL  have warm yellow undertones best for skin with a slight golden glow.
NW     NEUTRAL WARM suitable for pink, beige skin tones.
N        NEUTRAL  is neither yellow or pink just beige.
The formula which you choose will  also be determined by the type of coverage you will be looking for, Light, Medium or full coverage.
OILY SKIN… Avoid foundation which is oil based because it can easily come off the skin . Choose Oil free foundation in any texture which will not clog your pores and stays on like the Bobbi Brown Longwear Even Finish  Compact Foundation, Revlon Colour Stay, Iman Second To None Stick Foundation, Mac Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15.
DRY SKIN… Avoid Matte foundations which can leave your skin looking tired and ashy. Go for Luminous texture which is moisturising and adds a glow to the skin or a water based one which helps to hydrate the skin. For a dewy finish try Nas Sheer Glow foundation, for a luminous finish try  Neutrogena Healthy Skin foundation, L’OréalTrue Match foundation, Fashion Fair Perfect Finish Cream Makeup.
NORMAL SKIN… You do not need much coverage and can even wear just a tinted moisturiser, BB Cream or a light, medium or full coverage foundation texture like Clinique Even Better Makeup SPF 15, Black Opal True Color Stick Foundation, Cover Girl Queen Collection All Day Flawless Foundation, Black Up Cream To Powder Foundation.
SENSITIVE SKIN… Avoid foundation which contain parabens, fragrance, talc, preservatives  or harsh chemicals which can irritate your skin. Mineral makeup  usually does not contain any of the above ingredients  ALWAYS READ THE INGREDIENTS  BEFORE PURCHASE   Bare Minerals Ready Foundation Broad Spectrum  SPF 20,  Mary Kay Mineral Makeup, Bobbi Brown Mineral Makeup.
•Always go for a Colour Match, apply 3  different colour swatches of foundation along the side of your face all the way down to your jawline the shade which blends I  and is invisible is the correct shade.
•Use natural light , if you get it matched in a store go to the windows using a hand held mirror to see if the colour matches perfectly.
• AVOID colours which are too light to because you will look chalky and too done up.
•If you are still not sure choose the lighter one which matches the centre of the face ( black women sometimes have different skin tones on the face which I call zones,  you can be light in the centre if the face and darker on the sides and forehead)  warm with bronzer.
This depends  on the coverage you are looking for and the formula you are using:
 TINTED MOISTURISER , BB CREAM… you can apply using your fingers.
Liquid, Creams, Mouse… Use a foundation brush, buff into the skin for a seamless finish. For an even sheer coverage use a damp Beauty blender.
Mineral Makeup… Apply using a Kabuki brush.
Always start from the middle of the face blend outwards,  you can add somemore but remember to keep it even for a natural finish.
•   Use a Primer to prep the skin, it helps to keep the foundation  in place and it lasts longer. Apply after
     moisturiser  to conceal flaws and minimise pores.
•   If you have dark circles under the eyes use a concealer to neutralise the blue and black underneath 
     the eye, pat it in and blend with your finger or sponge ( Will do an in depth article on concealers)
•   Use powder to set the foundation and get rid of shine. To avoid build up of makeup through the day        use blotting papers to blot out excess oil. Use powder which matches  your skin tone to avoid ashy 
•   Wash your brushes and sponges to avoid bacteria  build up which can lead to skin irritation.
•   Buy foundation with an SPF to protect the skin.