I am available to teach One on One makeup lessons or group Masterclasses. Each lesson can be based on a Look of your choice, be it a natural day time look to a glamorous evening look tailored to suit your personal style.

It is a Step by Step tutorial where I will show you Tips and Techniques on how to apply your makeup, quick and easy like an expert, using colours and products that compliment your skin type, skin tone, eye and face shape.

The lesson is interactive, I will do half of your face and you will do the other half following my guidance. I recommend you bring your current makeup bag so we can go through it and see what products and colours you already have compliment you.



Workshops are Tailored to suit the client and are a very hands on experience,  whether you want to learn how to apply your own makeup, receive Bridal Makeup tips or take your skills to the next level. Clients are advised to bring their own brush sets and cosmetics as this will be a perfect opportunity  to  get tips on how to apply All those products in your makeup bag which you never get use.


As a Teen figuring out the perfect makeup can be confusing, that is why it is important  to  book a Teenage  Makeup lesson to get simple makeup  tips  for teenagers when they are just starting to wear makeup. At the end of the lesson you will be able to identify your skin type, skin tone,  foundation shade and type that suits you,  know how to choose the right colours that are right for you as well as how to work your makeup brushes.


Do you want to wear makeup without looking too done up? Then the Day Makeup lesson is the one for you. You will get tips on how to prep the skin, how to apply foundation, powder, light eye makeup, nude lip to create a fresh, flawless, natural makeup.


This is a great lesson for the ladies who are always on the go and are always short on time, book this lesson and get tips on how to  quickly  and effortlessly .transform your day look to a Glam Makeup.


This is a tutorial were you get tips on how to Get The Perfect Party Look for that special occasion.  From subdued to super sexy, tips on how to go bolder on colours and being more dramatic, smokey eye to bold lips, tricks of the trade and most importantly how to prep the skin so the makeup lasts throughout the  event.

  • Duration: 1  1/2   to   2 hours